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We have been delivering our health and wellbeing programmes in school for over 5 years. We work with Management, Teachers, support staff and Governors to create a template for an emotionally resilient school. Enabling a resilient environment to thrive and where the 4 Principles and the 10 step resilience program are embedded into every element of the School.

At Vitality Works we understand that to create a school that recognises resilience as the foundation for good mental health and wellbeing requires the whole school community, staff and pupils to act from a place of curiosity and empathy.

We have been working with schools for over 5 years, to create resilient learning environments, we do this by;

  • Firstly we work with the schools staff engaging with The 4 Principles and 10 step resilience programme from an individual’s perspective, when we work on ourselves first we create self-care awareness, we open the curious mind to what we need to remain healthy and develop our own self love and self-empathy.
  • From here we look at how the school as whole could engage with health and wellbeing from Pupils to Parent Associations. Vitality Works has developed resilience programmes aimed at engaging all levels of School communication, contact, teaching and human resources within schools which then become the ethos of the school.
  • Training is given to individual members of staff to become the H&W leads, by embedding a health and wellbeing lead in the school ensures that at every level of policy change and planning allows health and wellbeing to be addressed and it remains at the forefront of decision making.
  • The school will receive regular updates and newsletters and the designated health and wellbeing Leads will receive training updates.


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