At Vitality Works we have created empowering, empathic and sustainable health and well-being programmes that draw on years of our professional experience but more importantly our personal journeys and self-development ( see our 3 core beliefs).

The way we EAT.MOVE.BREATHE.LOVE, The 4 Principles is the foundation for all our work.

Our Corporate, School and Women's Health programmes focus on personal empowerment, strengthening and self-development in a direction that leads to positive sustainable change.  We have identified the mechanisms for change with our Resilience Programme and are continually evolving and developing our work to ensure that we are best placed to deliver this learning. You can see more information below.

Corporate Programme

With our bespoke combination of online learning and in-house training days, Vitality Works offers your company a chance to become accredited with the Vitality Works ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace’ award.


We have been delivering our health and wellbeing programmes in school for over 5 years. We work with Management, Teachers, support staff and Governors to create a template for an emotionally resilient school. Enabling a resilient environment to thrive and where the 4 Principles and the 10 step resilience program are embedded into every element of the School.

Well Woman Wise Woman

Coaching to support you and your Health & Well-being with Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA)

Do you want to have more understanding about who you are? 

Would you like to have greater insight, wisdom and connection to your deep rhythmic self?

Are you aware of the powerful internal influences that your menstrual cycle has on your mind, body, emotions and soul?

Learning about your menstrual cycle through practicing Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) will be one of the most important commitments that you make to yourself in your life.

suzy well woman wise women