Rewilding your emotions

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What is rewilding?

Everyone’s talking about ‘rewilding‘ at the moment. How vital it is for our planet, working with nature to support her natural bio-rhythms, creating ‘whole systems’ where the soil is tended and enriched through wise animal care, using planting plans so as not to over farm land, organic practices, water collection and storage for a regenerative, sustainable future.

This got us thinking and mind musing… What about rewilding our emotions? What does that look like?

Talking about our emotions

Over the last few years, one of the most important things for us at Vitality Works on a moment-to-moment, day-by-day level, has been noticing, connecting to, inquiring, exploring and tending to our emotional landscapes.

Culturally, our ‘stiff upper lip’ has led generations of us not to have the ability to understand and have a language for our emotions, let alone an intelligent way to be with and express them. We’re still learning,  so we feel like beginners ourselves sometimes, especially when we react in ways that aren’t aligned with what we want or need in the moment.

However, what we notice is that we’re now better at responding rather than simply reacting. And, importantly, if we do react we’re thankfully quicker to admit to our mistakes, share our vulnerabilities and ask for forgiveness.

How to rewild your emotions

Rewilding your emotions is about allowing them to rise, freely from the parched ground, being wild and real, even if messy and uncomfortable. And getting to know them, befriend them and invite them in… as Rumi says in his poem The Guest House. As the Earth restores her soils from regenerative practices and wise tending, we too can restore the deepest connection to ourselves and our soul from simple regenerative practices such as meditation, mindful movement, internal enquiry, self love and compassion.

Our 4 Wellbeing Principles and 10-Step Resilience Programme are amazing foundational platforms which can become like the healthy tending of our soil.

Rewilding your emotions

Being the gardeners of our minds

It’s vital that we tend, water, listen deeply, notice, explore and nurture the Earth’s garden, as well as doing this for our own inner garden. We need to be gardeners of our own minds, weeding out the plants that are thorny and spiky and that tend to overwhelm and smother the more helpful ones.

We need to garden our own minds, weeding out the inner critic’s spikiness and negative mindset. Just imagine… those thorny places being replaced with the growth of positive thoughts; the new planting of beautiful flowers, maybe those that bring medicine and healing balm to our souls, like lavender, rose and chamomile.

Which plants need your attention?

What are the plants you need to weed out so you can give space and breath to the more important ones? What do you wish to plant and nurture?

Here are some of ours:

  • Rose: cultivating love for ourselves and others.
  • Chamomile: spending quality time with family and friends.
  • Lavender: yoga, meditation and being in nature.

Oh, and of course, having a few raw chocolates definitely counts as a plant in our minds too!

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