Intro to Meditation Audios and photos for circles

Welcome to these meditation audios

I do hope you enjoy them and find them supportive, nourishing and a resource to help you relax, unwind, de-stress, bring yourself back into balance and connection.

Some suggestions to support your experience.

Make time for yourself regularly to find space in your body, mind and heart by connecting. There are so many
ways to quieten the mind and feel free to have a listen and see if any of the following resonate and feel
nourishing for you.

Find a quiet place where you are not going to be disturbed for the length of the practice

You can practice in sitting or the lying position.

  • If you are in the sitting position make sure you are feeling comfortable and your spine is upright, maybe the support of small cushion in lower curve of your back, feet flat on the floor and hands placed with on the thighs or cupped together or where ever they feel comfortable and make sure you are warm enough.
  • If you are in the lying position you may like to have pillow for your under your head and also have a pillow or bolster underneath the knees which helps to reduce tension in the lower back. A blanket is helpful to feel warm and you can also use an eye pillow. ‘An eye pillow is my number one relaxing accessory! By placing the pillow over your eyes, it not only blocks out the light but the weight of the pillow helps to relax the frontal thinking brain and offers a deeper sense of relaxation and release through the head and neck. You can buy it, but it is easy to make your own with fabric, rice/linseeds and dried lavender’ Suzy

To make your own eye pillow follow this link

Before you start the audio take some time, a few minutes, to settle yourself

 by connecting your body into the surfaces of support, bed/chair and make any adjustments so that you can stay as still as possible for the length. But don’t worry if you do need to move, just try to bring mindfulness to your movements moving a little more slowly and carefully to maintain your focus.   

You can’t get this wrong. Whether you are a seasoned meditator or new to the practice of meditation

just simply by ‘showing up’ to the experience something positive happens. It is like going to the gym or practicing a new skill, it takes time and patience to build our ‘muscle’ of connection. Thoughts will come and thoughts will go. The gold is when you notice you have been lost in your thoughts, in that moment you are fully aware and you can make the choice to consciously bring yourself back to the audio, to your breath to your sensations.

When the meditation has finished do take your time coming round, and back to opening your eyes,

maybe by stretching a little and taking a deeper breath. Try to stay with the essence and positivity of what you have received and experienced and stay connected to that throughout your day.  

‘It really is an unhelpful myth that meditators are able to sit and ‘not think or have thoughts’ about anything for the whole of their meditation session. This often puts people off trying to quieten their mind saying they feel a failure as they ‘can’t’ stop the thoughts and so they can’t meditate. I have practiced meditation for over 25 years, and have a daily practice. Thoughts come and go whilst I am sitting. Yes, there are definitely benefits of regular meditation, it has has helped me to quieten my mind and allowed me to experience very peaceful, calm, relaxed and connective states, but sometimes I finish a session and think ‘well that was a good thinking session!’. It is often though during my meditation practice that ideas, solutions to problems or insights arise naturally. The benefit really is in the daily practice. I often use guided practices to help relax too, I find them really nourishing.’ I hope that you enjoy these….