We are VitalityWorks respect every individual on their health journey. 

We understand that for some people the concepts and ideas that we are suggesting through the 4 principles and the Emotional Resilience program, if they engage with them, will support them to live a more wholehearted life with reduced or eliminated symptoms, illness and dis-ease.

We do also understand that symptoms, illness and dis-ease has many layers of complexities and so for some people who are already embracing these concepts and living them but still have symptoms may feel undermined by our statement of how ‘healing can happen when you embrace the 4 principles’.

We find that people who are living with complex health challenges and are engaging with the 4 principles and emotional resilient practices find they can live a wholehearted life alongside what they are having to deal with on a daily basis, but the difference is they are feeling empowered through their choices of lifestyle, medications and support from their health professionals and consequently can live a life with feeling all emotions of joy, sorrow, vulnerability and courage.

We also feel that ancestral trauma, wounding and conditioning can have a profound impact on our health and well-being and this has been part of our personal healing journeys but is not within the scope of what we offer.  

‘I love dairy, a slice of toast with dripping butter is just delicious, a chunk of cheese with an apple such a great snack!….However, I have an intolerance to dairy so my eczema gets inflamed, causing sore, painful red patches that are really itchy and cause open wounds on my hands and the rest of my body, which is very difficult as hands on therapist. After many years of trying everything to heal my hands and hundreds of hand creams later, I now no longer eat dairy. It did take a year of stopping dairy and wearing cotton gloves to do all kitchen jobs to fully heal the skin that was traumatized by steroid creams and repeated itching. I now no longer hardly ever use steroid creams just natural creams. My hands are so much better and I rarely have a flare up. If I get really stressed and overwhelmed then sometimes my eczema is triggered. So I engage with my practices daily to try and enable me to live underneath my ‘overwhelm’ place. Yes, I miss cheese and butter, but I don’t miss the constant hand itching and stress it caused me. I am content to eat the alternatives so that I am free of this as much as possible. So, I work with the underlying cause of my eczema…my overactive nervous system…and most of the time my hands are thankfully ok. But it does take commitment, courage and a change of mindset but it is so worth it’