John Simmons MB BS MRCGP LFHom PGC Med Education

John Simmons

John Simmons

MB BS MRCGP LFHom PGC Med Education

I have always been curious, from blowing up my mums hoover as a young boy to creating an award winning sustainable Integrative medical practice. I am in awe of the beauty and power of nature and get passionate about whatever I am immersed in. After leaving school I trained as a plasterer and built my first house at 24. There were times when I couldn’t balance the creativity of building with its environmental impact, so needing to express my passion in a different direction I went to medical school.

After qualifying as a doctor I began to notice moments in my life, when I would feel ill, tired or stiff and I would be acting and reacting in ways that seemed unfathomable. Nothing I had learnt thus far could tell me why. Medical school taught me the cellular and biochemical processes and how to treat symptoms but not why they were triggered in the first place and more importantly why some people but not others were affected.

I became increasingly frustrated with a health system that seemed to be missing the biggest part of the story.  I set about understanding this gap studying homeopathy, acupuncture, becoming a Heart Math coach and training in functional medicine. I began to meditate, practice Qi Gung and started the process of self-awareness. 

Slowly patterns began to emerge enabling me to establish the concept of the four principles of health and wellbeing: Eat, Move, Breathe, Love which underpin our vitality and sense of health and wellbeing. I realised that attending to these parts of your life, with curiosity and courage would enable you to live with the best health and vitality whatever your circumstances. Understanding this led me to create VitalityWorks as the platform for delivering Health and Wellbeing courses to enable everyone to live life with more energy, vitality and health.

It is always a work in progress. For me I need nature when struggling with life, I swim in the sea every week to support my body and boost my immunity, I meditate to listen to the signs within and around me, to ensure that I react to life in the most authentic way possible. I know I don’t get it right all the time but I finally have a framework to ensure that I live with as much vitality and awareness as possible.

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