Jo Majithia BA (Hons) DipION mBANT CNHCReg


Jo Majithia


I have always enjoyed good food and been intrigued by the natural world around me, from a childhood fascination with owls to the wonderful world of human microbiology as an adult nutritionist. My mother was a fantastic cook, as a family we enjoyed her delicious food round the kitchen table, and her ‘5-star’ picnics were legendary, I learnt to cook by helping her in the kitchen. 

I loved biology and science at school but also had a passion for art, so I originally studied textile design at university. After graduating, I enrolled on an internship programme that took me to New York and into the world of recruitment. I continued in this field when I returned to London but never found fulfilment in this career, however I met my wonderful husband at work so I believe all things happen for a reason! 

When I was caring for my young daughters at home, I knew it was time to change direction and was drawn to a career that would combine food, health and helping others. I studied Nutritional Therapy at London’s renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition and after graduating in 2003 started to build my nutrition business. I provide one-on-one nutrition support for clients to optimise digestive wellness, hormonal balance, weight management, immune and cardiovascular health. 

I am also an experienced lecturer and supervisor of clinical practice at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition. In addition I am a profession-specific board member for the Complementary and Natural Healthcare (CNHC) providing advice on policy development for the nutritional therapy sector.

I regularly attend conferences and seminars to enhance my functional medicine knowledge. Functional Medicine is a patient-centred approach to healthcare which addresses the whole person rather than isolated symptoms and explores the reason(s) for ill health instead of just treating or suppressing symptoms.

I love empowering people to improve their health and wellness through good food and believe passionately in the importance of encompassing an active lifestyle with mindfulness and social connection. In my spare time I love cooking for, and eating out with, family and friends; growing vegetables and herbs in my garden; outdoor group fitness classes, yoga and swimming in the sea (in the summer!). 

I help people reconnect with the four principles of wellbeing: Eat, Move, Breathe and Love. All these principles are vital – I focus on Eat, but combine all elements to help people achieve the vitality they strive for. 

Eating well doesn’t mean lots of expensive ingredients or complicated recipes and I aim to simplify the often confusing and conflicting messages on healthy eating whilst recognising modern life can be hard. By coming back to nature and food in its natural state I believe we can all benefit and reconnect to a more traditional way of eating, wellbeing and longevity.

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