How to Change Eating Habits

How to Change Eating Habits

Changing habits can take time and practice.

It helps to start with one or two habits, if you try to change too much at once you might get overwhelmed and give up.

Here are some top tips to get you started:

SMART habits

Decide with your health coach which habits you would like to change and have a think why these habits exist. Once you’ve decided which habit to tackle first make a plan and make it SMART –











A SMART plan could be something like:

Eat one more portion of vegetables each evening meal for two weeks starting this evening.
Adding an extra portion of vegetables to your main meal is an easy way to up your vegetable intake.

You might also decide to commit to making a change on one or two days a week and you’ll find it easier to stick to this over the longer term. For example, to help you lose weight gradually, you could reduce the portion sizes of your meals on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or have a late lunch with no evening meal on a Sunday so that you have a nice long overnight fast from Sunday lunch to Monday morning. 

Make a shopping list

Before you go shopping make a shopping list

– if you’re not prepared it is easier to get distracted and fill your basket with more unhealthy choices.


Try adding a different vegetable each week and you’ll soon be enjoying more variety in your diet.

Eat your meals at a table, without distractions

 – did you know research shows people who eat while watching TV tend to eat more due to the distracting effects of television viewing

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Get enough sleep.

Ever noticed you are more hungry after a poor night’s sleep?

Tiredness and fatigue can lead to increased appetite and overeating. Try having a drink of water before reaching for a snack as we often we mistake thirst for hunger. Wait 15 minutes and see if you really are hungry.