The Health Coach Programme

Patients within the NHS can sign up to the Health Coach Programme by either contacting us directly or through their own GP.  It is a unique project supporting and empowering patients to identify what sits behind their health issues and in turn to make long-term sustainable changes to their health and wellbeing changes. 

At Vitality Works, we understand that our own behaviour is the biggest determinant of our health and wellbeing, however, making lifestyle changes can be very challenging, and we often come up against personal and environmental barriers that prevent us from moving forward.  This led us to develop the ‘Four principles’ EAT MOVE BREATHE LOVE – four interwoven elements in which are the foundation for creating a sustainable, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Our Health Coaches work with the 4 Principles and a 10-step resilience programme to look at the root cause of symptoms of ill health and work with the patient create a self-care tool kit, enabling patients to set goals and embed changes.

The 4 Principles

You can see a general introduction to The 4 Principles of Eat, Move, Breathe and Love.

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The Health Coach Programme

has been created to enable participants to engage with their health from a place of curiosity and empathy.  We understand how embedded negative health patterns can impact your wellbeing and by working with our Health Coaches and with the 10 Step resilience programme we empower you to identify what you want to change and give you skills to create the change.

The Health Coach Programme offers;

  • 2 hours of one to one of support with a qualified Health Coach
  • Access to the 10-step resilience programme both online or in a group setting hosted by a Health Coach Specialist.
  • ​​Includes Health Journal
  • Access to online learning including audios on meditation, videos on nutrition, yoga and movement.

The Resilience Programme

explores different ways and practices that help build emotional resilience.  Engaging with and practicing the 10 steps can enable you to cultivate emotional resilience and build a strong sense of self.

The 10 step resilience programme

When we talk about resilience, we identify is as a mind muscle,​ a skill that can be learnt and practiced.  Resilience is the ability to react to life experiences with an outlook that draws on strong self-care provision, enabling you to observe, understand and become empowered to move forward.

The 10 Step resilience programme is available to patients either on line or at a local drop in session. 

The programme enables us to break down the main characteristics of a resilient person into 10 sessions and expand on the tools and process to put in place to become better equipped for a life with courage and joy.

Contents of the 10 step resilience programme

  • 1. Reaching out for help

  • 2. Express yourself

  • 3. Self-care habits

  • 4. Inner champion

  • 5. Limits and boundaries

  • 6. Internal inquiry and intuition

  • 7. Empathy and compassion

  • 8. Nature 

  • 9. Courage and vulnerability

  • 10. Equanimity

We are looking forward to receiving new registrations for Health Coaching and the Resilience Programme in October 2020.  If you wish to receive updates on the programme please email and we will be in contact when the registrations are open again.


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