Bespoke Wellbeing Programmes

Supporting individuals, groups and organisations to become more resilient

Bespoke Health and Wellbeing Programmes

Our bespoke health and wellbeing programmes encourage emotional resilience for all

Would you like to:

  • Support your own emotional resilience;
  • Encourage a positive wellbeing culture in your workplace;
  • Become a ‘Wellbeing Champion’ to support those around you, either at home or at work?

If the answer's yes to any of the above, we can design a programme that meets your needs.

We offer bespoke in-house, online, distance learning support and unique training days for companies, organisations, managers and employees as well as individuals.

Our 4 Wellbeing Principles and 10-Step Resilience Programme creates a unique foundation for health and wellbeing which is about lifestyle choices that can be supported both at work as well as at home. We can provide shorter 1-day trainings as well as longer 2, 3 or 4-day and also 10-week programmes, to meet your particular needs. This, combined with optional ongoing coaching support from our highly trained coaches, means that wellbeing can be the priority and an essential part of everyday choices.

We can also work with your company or organisation to help create a health and wellbeing programme that's not only supportive to your individual company's needs but also puts the wellbeing of your workforce at the top of the priority list. It's well known that happy, resilient employees give the best performances in the workplace, especially when they feel they're being supported and valued for the choices they make in regards to their own wellbeing.

The training we offer in our 4 Wellbeing Principles and 10-Step Resilience Programme has the following benefits:

  • Shares information about the foundations of good health and lifestyle choices.
  • Allows individuals to clearly identify what their needs are to help them stay healthy and happy.
  • Highlights the importance of goal setting together with evidence-based behavioural change questioning.
  • Allows individuals to take ownership of their health and wellbeing in a structured, clear, empowering and progressive way that ultimately leads to them to being more able to stay with their new ways of living and being.
  • Supports their emotional resilience in simple and profound ways, with the tools learnt being equally important in the workplace as well as in their afterwork/home life.
  • We can train a ‘named person or persons’ that will become your health and wellbeing
    champion and we'll work closely with them to help create a unique Wellbeing Policy for you and your employees' needs.
I'm working very hard on being kinder to myself...
Everything has been useful and relevant. I use STOP regularly to give myself time to reflect before responding. Internal enquiry and intuition, and empathy and compassion are especially significant. It’s very easy to be negative and feel badly about yourself when experiencing mental health difficulties. I’m working very hard on being kinder to myself. – Tina

Meet your Wellbeing Programme trainers

We have decades of experience of working within the NHS and privately, offering individual and group support around these principles. For more information about our trainers, see below:

John Simmons

Dr John Simmons

Innovative GP and Pioneering Integrative Medical Health Practitioner

Suzy Greenwood

Suzy Greenwood

Chartered Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

How to apply

Contact us to see how we can help you create a grounded, happy and resilient place for you and your employees. These tools are equally valid for small companies with 1 or 2 employees
and for larger companies and organisations too. Fill in the form below and we'll get right back to you.

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