10-Step Resilience Programme

Cultivate emotional resilience and build a strong sense of self

10-Step Resilience Programme

Building resilience

Our 10-Step Resilience Programme explores different ways and practices that help build resilience. Engaging with and practising the 10 steps can enable you to cultivate emotional resilience and build a strong sense of self.

What is a resilient person?

When we talk about resilience, we identify it as a mind muscle, a skill that can be learned and practised. Resilience is the ability to react to life’s experiences with a positive outlook based on strong self care. This enables you to observe, understand and become empowered to move forward.

Our programme breaks down the main characteristics of a resilient person into 10 sessions. We explore the tools and processes you can put in place to develop these characteristics and become better equipped for a life filled with courage and joy.

Why we created this programme

Of course, there are many ways to support ourselves emotionally, but in these 10 steps we’ve identified the most important ways to develop and sustain resilience. Our founders have been working with these practices over the last 25 years and continue to work with them to maintain their own health and wellbeing.

This programme has been amazing...!
I think this programme has been amazing! Due to my fibromyalgia and its unpredictable nature, I haven’t been able to attend all the sessions but the ones I have attended have been so useful in my day to day coping. I’ve learnt so much. I feel like it’s a journey and we’re learning such great new things. It’s a massive positive and I’m very grateful to all the people who have dedicated their time to it, thank you. 
– Tabitha 

The 10-Step Resilience Programme has been developed by:

John Simmons

Dr John Simmons

Integrative Medical Doctor

Bea Simmons

Bea Simmons

Integrative Health Manager

Suzy Greenwood

Suzy Greenwood

Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach 

How the programme works

The beauty and accessibility of the practices is in their simplicity. None of them cost any money, but they will bring a sense of abundance into your life. And the effects become stronger over time – you just need to turn up. 

It may be that you’re already practising some of the 10 steps and are well on your way to becoming a fully resilient person. Or you may be a complete beginner when it comes to exploring yourself. Within our 10-Step Resilience Programme there’s something for everyone – whether it’s a brand new practice or exploring something you already do in more depth.

The benefits of the 10-Step Resilience Programme

  • Cultivating stronger self awareness and a positive sense of self
  • Developing a better understanding of your needs and how to meet them
  • Noticing when your inner critic is present and responding to it in a positive way
  • Learning to accept yourself for who you are, including your abilities and challenges
  • Building more honest and authentic relationships with others
  • Learning to communicate effectively with others, without judgment, even around challenging situations
  • Knowing how to express yourself clearly and calmly, and how words and actions make you feel
  • Feeling empowered with your life and health choices and knowing that you get to choose these
  • Having healthier boundaries and limits that work for you
  • Developing your intuition around why you’re feeling or acting a certain way
  • Remembering to connect with the beauty of the natural world
  • Feeling calmer, more positive and generally more content with your life
Giving you tools to live the best life...
For the past few years I’ve been looking for something that I could use in the ‘everyday’.  The 10 step programme was just right because it brought things together in a manageable way for an everyday way of life. It’s been a platform I’ve been able to grow from. It covered much of what I’m already aware of but came from a fresh approach and just seemed more practical.

Having long-term recovery, the key thing to be aware of is complacency and the timing of this couldn’t have been better. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!’ This isn’t about telling you what to do, it’s about giving you tools to live the best life as an individual. – Caroline

What are the 10 steps to resilience?

These are the steps we’ve identified in our 10-Step Resilience Programme:

Reaching out for help
Express yourself
Self care & sleep
Inner champion
Limits & boundaries
Internal enquiry & intuition
Empathy & self compassion
Courage & vulnerability

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