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Education: Wellbeing in Schools

Our wellbeing programme supports your school community by providing a healthy foundation for growth  

Shocking education statistics

  • 1 in 6 children aged 5-16 are likely to have a mental health problem.*
  • 50% of all mental health problems start by the age of 14.*
  • 75% of young people with mental health problems aren't getting the help they need.*
  • More than two thirds of young people would prefer to be able to access mental health support without going through their GP.*
  • 82% of students at UK universities suffer from stress and anxiety and 45% have experienced depression.^
  • Only 23% of UK students are satisfied with the mental health resources available at their university.+

Wellbeing in schools

We understand that to create a school that recognises resilience as the foundation for good mental health and wellbeing requires the whole school community, staff and pupils to act from a place of curiosity and empathy.

We’ve been delivering our programmes for health and wellbeing in schools for over 5 years. We work with management, teachers, support staff and Governors to create a template for an emotionally resilient school. By embedding our 4 Wellbeing Principles and 10-Step Resilience Programme into every element of the school, we’ll help your community thrive.  

University wellbeing

Our time at university is meant to be the best years of our life. However, as the statistics above show, it can be a very challenging time for many. The transition of moving away from home into unfamiliar territory, working out where you fit in, and dealing with new pressures, both academically and socially, can cause a huge amount of stress, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. 

Most young people don’t feel well supported by their university or other educational establishment and would rather find other means of support than going through their GP. Our 10-Step Resilience Programme teaches students the tools and techniques they need to discover their own strength and inner source of support, so they can be happier and more confident while they study. 

Benefits for your school

Our 10-Step Resilience Programme will:

  • Provide a healthy foundation for growth.
  • Encourage curiosity and empathy in your staff and pupils.
  • Support your pupils and students in dealing with life’s challenges.
  • Deliver health and wellbeing training to your staff.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety in your whole school community.
  • Provide tools and techniques for building emotional resilience.
  • Increase happiness, contentment and confidence for everyone involved.

How it works

We’ve been working with schools for over 5 years to create resilient learning environments. Here's how:

  • First, we work with the school’s staff, engaging with the 4 Wellbeing Principles and 10-Step Resilience Programme from an individual’s perspective. When we work on ourselves first, we create self care awareness and open the curious mind to what we need to remain healthy and develop our own self love and self empathy.
  • From here, we look at how the school as a whole could engage with health and wellbeing, from pupils to Parent Associations. We’ve developed resilience programmes aimed at engaging all levels of school communication, contact, teaching and human resources, which then become embedded into the ethos of the school.
  • Finally, training is given to individual members of staff to become health and wellbeing leads. By embedding these leads into the school, we ensure that health and wellbeing remains at the forefront of planning, decision making and policy change.
  • To provide ongoing support, the school receives regular newsletters from us and the designated health and wellbeing leads receive regular training updates.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what some of the teachers think about working with us and our resilience programmes:

Really raised my awareness... 

Today has really raised my awareness of looking after myself and keeping a check on my wellbeing. The tools we’ve learnt and the theme of the 4 principles has made me realise the importance of wellbeing and the knock-on effect. – Reception Teacher

Tools to reduce stress... 

This session has given me ideas and tools to reduce my stress which in turn will have an impact on the pupils too. – Teacher

Has really made me think...

The session with Suzy, John and Jo really made me think about all the aspects of living and how I feel/respond to events and reflect on the outcome. – Assistant Head Teacher

Importance of staff wellbeing... 

This course was so relevant for me, it’s nice to see that importance is being given to the staff’s wellbeing. The areas covered will really help me deal with the stress of the job which became too much for me 18 months ago. – Year 6 Teacher

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