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Learning through empathy, empowerment and curiosity

Vitality Works

Who are we?

Vitality Works is a small team of health professionals who’ve always questioned the limits and boundaries of our professional learning. Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience and personal development and we use this knowledge to expand our thinking and encourage each other to evolve.

Our decades of experience spans across both the NHS and private sector. Each member of our team brings unique skills and qualities to our wellbeing programmes, which makes them relatable, accessible, researched and practised. We understand that learning comes from a place of empathy, empowerment and curiosity, which is an integral part of our work.

Our core values

These 3 core values are at the heart of everything we do at Vitality Works:

Resilience through the 4 Wellbeing Principles 

We believe the 4 Wellbeing Principles – Eat, Move, Breathe, Love – are the foundation of resilient health and wellbeing. By learning and practising these principles, we can understand how our patterns of behaviour affect our health and then start our journey to a better life.

Transformational change through curiosity

We don’t need to be defined by our current stories, a medical diagnosis or symptoms. Behind all our health experiences are stories that need to be interpreted and explored in order to improve our wellbeing. When we’re curious about our health, we can become conscious of our behaviour and have the courage to make transformative change.

Lasting results through joyful daily practice

We believe lasting change comes from establishing practices that become habits and bring us joy. When we enjoy our daily practices we’re more likely to continue doing them, leading us on a path to better health, wellbeing and vitality.

Holistic approach to health

As an inquisitive and inquiring team of health professionals, we were continually seeing patients stuck in the same negative health patterns, which disempowered them and drained their joy and vitality. In coming together, we wanted to create a health movement that uses our collective experience to change the traditional dialogue.

At Vitality Works we’ve created empowering, empathic and sustainable health and wellbeing programmes that draw, not only on our professional experience, but also on our personal journeys. We offer a holistic approach to health which empowers people to take control of their own wellbeing.  

The whole process runs very smoothly...
I just wanted to pass on my thanks for everything you, Margaret, Suzy, Jo and Dr Simmons have done since the project started. I have been attending since October last year and found the whole process runs very smoothly. The sessions can be challenging, unsettling and interesting but most of all it has made me try and look at things differently and challenge my thoughts. – Jenny

Meet the team

John Simmons

John Simmons

Innovative GP and Pioneering Integrative Medical Health Practitioner

More about John

I have been a GP within the NHS for 20 years and my interest in medicine led me to study homeopathy, acupuncture, functional medicine and Heart Math. I have always worked on a multi-level approach to health alongside my conventional training and, as a result of this integrative view, established the 4 Wellbeing Principles: Eat, Move, Breathe, Love, which underpin our vitality and sense of health and wellbeing. I realised that attending to these parts of your life, with curiosity and courage, would enable you to live with the best health and vitality whatever your circumstances. My downtime is definitely spent in nature which also happens to include football grounds. And for some years now swimming in the sea.

Suzy Greenwood

Suzy Greenwood

Chartered Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

More about Suzy

I have been exploring and working in health and wellbeing, both personally and professionally for over 30 years. With a background in physiotherapy, yoga teaching, Pilates, life & health coaching, integrative healing practices and energy medicine techniques, I work with patients and clients in clinics in East Sussex and also run classes, workshops and retreats specialising in women’s wellbeing. I am the main coach for Vitality Works and co-facilitator and trainer. I'm known for my warmth, presence, compassion and humour. I have practised yoga and meditation for 30 years and, in my spare time, I enjoy dancing, being in nature with family and friends, sitting round a fire or being in the kitchen creating delicious raw chocolate treats.

Bea Simmons

Bea Simmons

Integrative Health Manager

More about Bea

I have worked in the NHS for over 10 years and my role as an Integrative Health Manager allowed me to create integrative and empowering health and wellbeing programmes and events for our patients. I'm very proud that we were awarded outstanding by CQC for our innovative work with patients and the community. My role within Vitality Works is supporting the team with the day-to-day running of the programmes and the first point of contact. When not at work, I'm always in the sea and travelling in our camper van from beach to beach. I'm mother to 4 wonderful humans, who are by far my greatest achievement.

Caroline Hounsell

Caroline Hounsell

Accredited Psychotherapist and International Mental Health Expert

More about Caroline

I'm the founder of LoveMindLife, supporting positive mental health since 1997. As an accredited BACP psychotherapist, I draw on the experience gained through my private practice to develop my knowledge and skills as a mental health professional. I'm a founding member of MHFA England which has trained over 500,000 people in mental health first aid skills since 2007. With a background in education, I have over 24 years experience of designing and delivering mental health training and consultancy to high profile clients around the world. In 2017 I was awarded a 'Most Inspirational Person’ Award and invited to an event at Buckingham Palace to celebrate my outstanding achievements in mental health. In 2021 I received an #ialso100 award which celebrates UK female entrepreneur talent. I'm a regular spokesperson for the media and a well-respected international mental health expert.  

Jo Majithia

Jo Majithia

Registered Nutritional Therapist and BANT Registered Nutritionist

More about Jo

I'm an experienced registered nutritional therapist, educator and speaker. I graduated from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2003. I use a functional medicine approach to support a range of health concerns from my clinic in Brighton and online. My ethos is to provide straightforward, personalised advice, empowering people to improve their health and wellness through good food. I passionately believe in the importance of encompassing an active lifestyle with mindfulness and social connection. In my spare time I enjoy the company of family and friends, dancing round the kitchen, yoga and swimming in the sea.

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